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Open Air Audio System

LinkLens Pro integrated with noise-cancelling microphones, it delivers superior music listening and enables a crystal-clear calling experience while skiing on slopes.

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Meet RYIDAR Athlete | Elizabeth Niotis

Elizabeth is a highly accomplished athlete whose passion for snowboarding has taken her to the heights of competitive success. With her dedication, passion, and talent, she is an inspiration to many in the snowboarding community.

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How We Started?

It all started with a group of adventure-seeking sports enthusiasts who were united by a love for skiing and snowboarding.

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    "the Ryidar LinkLens is a product that answers an established and growing need."

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  • Indiegogo

    Gained over 270 backers within 45 days and raised over 70 thousands dollars for the startup project, LinkLens Pro.

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  • GadgetFlow

    "They orient sound to your ears without the pain and pressure that headphones cause."

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  • Kickstarter Reviews

    "I recieved mine today! After playing around with them for an hour I can say these are awesome! They look great, sound great, and feel good on the face!"

    Jack, Backer

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