RYIDAR Athlete | Elizabeth Niotis

RYIDAR Athlete | Elizabeth Niotis

Elizabeth Niotis is a highly accomplished athlete whose passion for snowboarding has taken her to the heights of competitive success. Born in Wyoming and raised in Colorado, Elizabeth has spent a lifetime chasing her dreams and perfecting her craft on the slopes. With over 100 days of riding each year and a record of never missing a snowboard season since the age of 12, Elizabeth has achieved great success in the Banked Slalom discipline, having won first place in the Vans Methodology competition six times. She has also placed top two in several other competitions, including the Never Summer Neverland Banked Slalom, Slash and Burn, Slash the Mass, and The Burton Mystery Series in Tahoe. Elizabeth is an 11-time medal winner in Banked Slalom competitions across the country.


Elizabeth(first left on podium) won 2nd place at the Burton Mystery Series - Woodward Tahoe, 2023. Photo taken by @slushthemagazine.


Elizabeth(second left) won 1st place at the Methodology - Gunstockmtm, 2023.


Elizabeth's dedication to her sport has not gone unnoticed, as she was named the National Champion in her division for the USASA Halfpipe, Boardercross, and Slopestyle events in 2021. Her talent and achievements have been featured on ski resort pages, YouTube videos, magazines, social media, and competition websites. But for Elizabeth, snowboarding is more than just a sport – it's a way of life, a source of inspiration, and a never-ending adventure. When she's not training, competing, or seeking out the best snow across North America and Canada, Elizabeth enjoys a variety of other activities, including skating, hiking, rock climbing, and stand up paddle boarding. With her dedication, passion, and talent, Elizabeth Niotis is an inspiration to many in the snowboarding community.


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